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Dragon Ball Z - Baddack Versus Freezer
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Title:Dragon Ball Z - Baddack Versus Freezer
Runtime: 41 min.
Overview: On Planet Vegeta, a lower class warrior, Baddack, is an example. Its missions are all successful. In addition, he recently had a boy. But he feels no love for him because his fighting force is only 2 units, which is very low, even for an infant among the Saiyans. This child is named Kakarotto. One day while resting after attacking the planet Kanassa with his team, he was struck in the neck by a survivor. He tells her that the aim was not to kill but to cast a spell, foreknowledge. Baddack then assailed by visions of exploding planet, Freezer enjoying his victory and that of a young boy like his son. He sees the future of his child Kakarotto, Son Goku, until he met the tyrant Frieza.
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